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The Precious Metals Market

Doesn’t it always seem like there is some sort of financial instability in today’s economy? Many analysts say that precious metals and other commodities become more popular in times of economic uncertainty.

Does that mean that in modern times gold, silver, platinum, copper and other metals are worth looking into? We explore all these issues and more here on MetalsMasters.com.

Some analysts say yes, this is an amazing time for the precious metals market. Here’s a quick quote from that article:

“On one hand, the paper market (i.e., futures contracts) continues to be heavily pressured in a bearish direction by extraordinary levels of institutional short-selling. On the other, the physical market is heating up with robust investor buying and increasingly bullish long-term supply/demand prospects.”

And the same article posits that there has been a surge in the buying of gold and silver coins lately.

Most Profitable Investment Option?

Is Gold ProfitableOthers go so far as to say gold, silver and other precious metals offer the most profitable opportunities today.

And this is in spite of July 2015 being a horrible month for the metals markets. Here’s a quick quote from that article:

Although we do not believe that markets trend higher or lower based on ‘reasons’, we still think there are two signals that indicate there is not much downside left for gold.

So rather than panicking, we look at the level of hate surrounding the gold market, and we become more bullish by the day. We believe that smart investors should be preparing their shopping list right now, instead of reading mainstream media headlines about gold.”

So what’s the real story? It’s hard for anyone to say with certainty.

But that’s why at MastersOfMetals.com we’re going to bring you trending news and events that shape the gold and silver markets.

Gold and Silver as Retirement Tools?

One of the most important questions we want to explore here on Metals Masters is the idea of using investment in gold and silver bullion/coins as a financial tool in retirement.

Gold IRA CompaniesWhat is a Gold or Silver IRA – in fact, what is an IRA at all? (Hint: It stands for Individual Retirement Account). And if that’s a good option for people to consider, what is the best way of going about it?

Scams in the Gold/Silver IRA Industries

We all know that the financial world is full of scam artists who are quick to take your money with little to no return for you.

And in the age of retirement it’s not a good idea to take unnecessary or devastating risks with your money. So we review some of the biggest Gold IRA companies out there and give you our opinion on how they pan out.

We’re Not Experts

It has to be said from the outset that we here at TGIBG are not financial experts and cannot offer any financial or investment advice. And we won’t. We just want to explore the ideas presented because we have a personal interest in gold and silver markets.

So please, before you do anything make sure you speak to a qualified financial analyst or someone you trust. We won’t try and scam you, we’ll just give you our opinion.

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